Black Friday Online Sale!

Weickert’s Flooring is offering 20% discount to our friends as a way of thanking all of you for supporting our small family business. Have fresh new carpeting or tile installed for the holidays! Or consider new hardwood floor or refinishing what you have.   To receive the discount you must click on the form below, fill it out and submit it.  This will secure your special pricing.

As a bonus!  We are offering 20% off on all our cleaning products and services such as area rug, upholstery, carpet and air duct cleaning. We now offer carpet repairs & re-stretching, as well.

This online offer is good for the week of Nov. 22 to Nov. 24!

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Selecting new carpet for your home!

Selecting the right color carpet for your home or business is not an easy task. It is an important decision that you will be living with for a long time. One important factor to consider when you are ready to choose the color of your new carpet is to take in consideration your existing or planned color theme of the area you are carpeting. If your walls have a lighter shade, you should select a darker tone on your carpet. The same goes if you have dark colored walls, try to select a lighter tone for your carpets. You may want to select a color that will create a unique atmosphere in your home. Remember that warm colors are more welcoming and provide comfort while  light colors are more calming and make the room seem larger.

After cleaning carpets for 23 years, Eric prefers the earth tones for their ease of maintenance and the fact that they look nice longer than most lighter colors.

Hardwood for the Holidays!!

With tight budgets and no perfect gift in sight – consider giving the gift that will last and pay you back by increasing the value of your home – Yes, even in today’s market.  You will have to plan ahead to get the most for your money and good luck making it a surprise.  There are several advantages in choosing a factory finished =  pre-finished hardwood flooring such as no dust from sanding, no fumes from chemicals, no waiting for the finish to dry, excellent finishes that come with warranties, and if they get scratched in the future, you can simply refinish them like an unfinished floor.  Lauzon and Mirage are two of Eric Weickert’s favorite Mills.  “As an installer, you appreciate when the flooring fits together perfectly.  You can really see the difference.”
Mirage is having a great prefinished hardwood flooring SALE that will run until November 2, 2012..  This is a real deal as they are trying to reduce their inventories before winter.  Call 772-0030.

Considering Installing Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring?

Mirage hardwood is very well known for its quality, versatility and longevity.  It is the “Cadillac” of  hardwood flooring.  Milled and finished to the highest standards in the Hardwood Flooring Industry.  Now get the best at a great price.

Mirage is currently launching the Mirage Dream. Dare. Do!  Sale that will run from

September 24 to November 2, 2012.

10 Reasons to Choose Mirage:

Quality, Environmental Friendliness, Health, Versatility, Warranty, Longevity, Value, Dedication, Selection, and Peace of MInd

Call us at 513-772-0030  or come and visit us at our showroom


Fall Red Tag Sale!!!

If you have been considering replacing your carpets “Fall” is the perfect time of the year to do it.  You can SAVE big with our Red Tag Sale going on now!!!  These are some of the best prices of the year.  Come to our show room and see these beautiful carpets.  We buy our carpets directly from the manufacturer Kraus for excellent values for you.  Kraus has carpet that can be cleaned with clorox and permanent markers release completely. Ask us which sample Eric used the permanent marker on and then cleaned it up with CLOROX.

It worked!

Come see us or call us at 513-772-0030

College Area Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Special

Need to get that college area carpet cleaned? We are offering a “Super Sale” for college students. There is nothing better than starting your school year with a clean, sanitized, deodorized, and fresh carpet.

Any area carpet up to 80  square feet for just $28.00

To set up your appointment please call us at 513-772-0030

Offers expires 9/30/2012

Protect your floors!!

 Protect your floors! This can be from numerous “threats”, but what we are  talking about today is protecting your floors from damage caused from houseplants.  There is no doubt that houseplants are beautiful in your home, creating an atmosphere which is both peaceful for the mind and pleasing for the eyes, but overwatering can cause significant damage.  Whether the plants are over carpet, area rugs, or hardwood they need to have a saucer under them to catch the excess water.  Plant stands are great to raise the flower pots up to allow any small drips to dry.  Keep in mind water trapped in the
carpet and padding under a plant could lead to not only stained carpet, but stained hardwood as well.

Protect your hardwood floors from sun damage

All hardwood floors will change shades with sun damage.  Some woods will fade and lighten, others will darken with sun damage, and the most important thing for homeowners is to be aware that this is happening.  We recommend homeowners have window treatments in place to provide protection from sun damage.  If homeowners have area rugs in place it is recommended to rotate the rugs to make sure the floor ages uniformly.  Keep in mind that severe sun damage will not always “sand out” with refinishing, so these minor preventative measures will ensure the best looking floor for the life of the home.

What is the best way to clean my hardwood flooring?

This is a question I get asked during every estimate and after every job is completed.  The most important part of caring for your hardwood floors is to stay caught up on your dry sweeping.  Keeping the small dry particulate soils up will help prevent the tiny scratches in the polyurethane coating.  Occasionally the floor will need to be damp mopped.  The key word here is damp.  When you damp mop the floor the area cleaned should be dry in just a few seconds.  If you use a hardwood floor cleaner make sure it doesn’t say it will restore luster or shine.  Any product claiming to restore luster or shine will leave a heavy residue behind and prevent recoating the floor in the future.  Also, when using hardwood floor cleaners, less is more.  We typically over apply cleaners, and this too, will lead to residue, or haze being built up on the floor.  This is why I like to use the PolyCare Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  This is a concentrated cleaning solution that you add to your warm water.  This will be prevent over application of cleaner and prevent a buildup from forming on the floor.  Most importantly keep in mind that a hardwood floor cleaner is just that, a cleaner.  When a floor doesn’t shine after cleaning, it is time to put a fresh coat of polyurethane down.

Area Rug Special

Thinking about getting your area carpet cleaned?

Weickert’s is offering a 20% discount to clean any

Oriental, Area & Decorator rugs.

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