Hardwood for the Holidays!!

With tight budgets and no perfect gift in sight – consider giving the gift that will last and pay you back by increasing the value of your home – Yes, even in today’s market.  You will have to plan ahead to get the most for your money and good luck making it a surprise.  There are several advantages in choosing a factory finished =  pre-finished hardwood flooring such as no dust from sanding, no fumes from chemicals, no waiting for the finish to dry, excellent finishes that come with warranties, and if they get scratched in the future, you can simply refinish them like an unfinished floor.  Lauzon and Mirage are two of Eric Weickert’s favorite Mills.  “As an installer, you appreciate when the flooring fits together perfectly.  You can really see the difference.”
Mirage is having a great prefinished hardwood flooring SALE that will run until November 2, 2012..  This is a real deal as they are trying to reduce their inventories before winter.  Call 772-0030.

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