Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution

Formulated with the busy family in mind. It removes most common household accidents quickly and easily without removing the stain resistancy that was applied by the carpet mill. Dirt, coffee, tea, soft drinks, pet accidents, shoe polish, grass, crayon, cosmetics, most inks, food, grease, and other household soils will be removed. It will even remove Kool-Aid and red wine, if you don’t wait too long. This highly refined cleaning agent completely removes soils and evaporates without leaving the sticky residues that create resoiling. Use Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution and turn your home machine into a Dry Cleaning Machine that provides the results you have always wanted. See the product label for the simple step by step instructions. Using your equipment and our Dry Cleaning Solutions, you will amaze yourself with the professional results!!! As always, please read and follow the product instructions carefully.
Excellent on all wet cleanable fabrics such as recliners, sofas, chairs, and car interiors.

Weickert’s Dry Spotter 

Dry Spotter is Safe and Powerful against all oil based soils including grease, cooking oils, dog oils, tar, wax, gum, parking lot grime, furniture lubricants (often found underneath recliners), etc. Dry Spotter will remove the soils as well as brighten and restore the color and luster of the fibers leaving them fresh and clean. It is safe to use on extremely delicate materials/fibers. It will not cause any color loss or bleaching. As always, please read and follow the product instructions carefully.

Weickert’s Odor Remover

Used by professional carpet cleaning companies for years to eliminate the odors caused from pets not mask them with a temporary fresh scent. This is a concentrated bacterial-enzyme odor digester that will eliminate all organic odors. While Weickert’s Odor Remover has a pleasant scent it does more than just mask the foul smell with a new scent; It eliminates the organic matter causing the odor!!! The proper treatment of an odor problem is to saturate the area and allow it to dry. The bacterial enzymes are most active when wet. For areas where our pets have repeatedly, ”misbehaved” a second saturation with the Odor Remover may be necessary. For best results, clean soiled areas first with Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution (Blue Bottle). For spots that still have a yellowish color even after cleaning and odor removal, use Weickert’s Pet Stain Remover (Purple Bottle). As always, please read and follow the product instructions carefully.

Weickert’s Upholstery Dry Cleaning Solution

Perfect for those delicate fabrics that are labeled “Dry Clean Only.” These fine fabrics come at a considerable price so don’t take any chances of color loss, water marks, or fading!!! Use what the professionals use: Weickert’s Upholstery Dry Cleaning Solution. For best results, purchase Weickert’s Upholstery brush and brush and vacuum your upholstered furniture thoroughly before dry cleaning it. For wet cleanable fabrics use Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution (Blue Label). Remember to brush and vacuum all fabrics before cleaning. As always, please read and follow the product instructions carefully.

Weickert’s Pet Stain Remover

Weickert’s Pet Stain Remover is an acid spotter used by professional cleaning companies to remove the nasty yellow discoloration left behind from pet urine, feces, and vomiting. It is also effective on wine and many other colored beverages. For best results, clean soils with Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution (Blue Bottle) first. The Pet Stain Remover has a strong vinegar type smell. This is normal and does dissipate quickly. However, you may want to open a window or door.

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