First the upholstery type is identified. This allows the technician to decide what cleaning procedure must be used for the best results. Special processes are used for cotton, cotton blends, wool, silk, and other fragile materials to allow for the best possible cleaning.

Secondly, the entire body and cushions are brushed with a special upholstery brush to loosen the dry soils and prepare the fabric for vacuuming. The entire piece is then vacuumed.

The dry cleaning solutions are sprayed onto the upholstery or the towel. Typically a combination of the primary dry cleaning solution and the upholstery cleaner is used for the best soil release.

The technicians will hand clean your upholstery with soft towels. The towels are replaced as needed and special care is used on the delicate fibers. The arms and cushions will have extra attention paid to them as they are typically the most soiled.

If the upholstery is in need of fiber protection, Weickert’s offers a long lasting solvent based fiber protector.