Are You Protecting Your Investment in Carpeting?

With the rising cost of carpet replacement, prolonging the life of one’s investment in carpeting is a major concern today.  Proper maintenance is the obvious way to extend your carpet’s life.  Hot water extraction methods only make the carpets wear and resoil more  quickly.  This is why people have been turning to Weickert’s since 1989.

Weickert’s uses only true dry cleaning solvents to provide you with the highest quality cleaning.

Our unique dry cleaning solutions are gentle on your carpet yet tough on dirt.  The electrostatics created by our solutions life the soils out of your carpet and into our special cleaning pads.  Your carpets are typically ready to use in 2 to 3 hours!

Recommended by many leading carpet manufacturers, Weickert’s Dry Cleaning System is definitely the method of choice.

Weickert’s Carpet Dry Cleaning System

 Step 1   Upright Vacuuming:

Your carpet is completely vacuumed with our  industrial  strength  vacuum. This helps to remove the loose soil and grit, and resets the pile, allowing proper penetration of our dry cleaning solutions.

Step 2   Detail Vacuuming:

Special vacuum units are used to detail all edges and corners.

Step 3   Sprayer:

One of our specially formulated solutions is sprayed into the carpet in a uniform pattern. This cleaning solution attaches itself to any remaining stains and soils.

Step 4   Hand Scrubbed Edges:

Often times airborne soils is deposited along the edges of rooms where air flows, this is known as air filtration. Hand scrubbing is the only tool to help with this problem. We pay attention to this extra detail to get the best results.

Step 5   Buffing the Carpet:

Next a soft, circular cleaning pad containing our formulated electrolyte solution is placed under Weickert’s carpet dry cleaning machine. As the soft pads are gently rotated over the carpet fibers, the specially formulated solution lift dirt out of the carpet, leaving it clean, bright and free of sticky residues.

Step 6   Grooming the Carpet:

Finally, your carpet is professionally groomed. This process separates the fibers and stands the nap up for increased resistance to wear.