An easy way to take care of your hardwood floors during frigid weather!

Winter and frigid temperatures are here to stay for a couple of days or even weeks. This weather could cause some damages to our beautiful hardwood floors as well as our carpets. Make sure you do not track snow covered shoes onto your hardwood floors and carpets. Ask your family members and even friends to remove their wet shoes and place them on a mat inside you home to catch the moisture and the salt. Leaving your shoes or boots directly on your hardwood floors for a period of time could damage the finish of your floors. Another factor that could cause some damage in your hardwood floor is the lack of moisture in the air due to frigid temperatures. If you have a humidifier system in your home, make sure it is working properly so you can minimize the shrinking and cracking on your hardwood floors. Keep in mind that as the weather improves and there is more moisture in the air, your floors will expand back to normal state.

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