We love our pets and they are part of our family. These friendly pets
occasionally have an accident here or there on your carpet. ……If you have
the right products and you react quickly when the accident happens, your
carpet will last longer. When you notice the wet area on your carpet, you
would need to grab paper towels and press them firmly on your carpet to
absorb all the urine. You may need to repeat this step a few times until
the carpet feels almost dry rather than wet. You could also place a cloth
over the damp area and step on it for a minute or two. This will also help
absorb the urine out of the padding. At this time you are ready to clean
the area by applying Weickert’s Dry Cleaning Solution directly on the
carpet. Spray the solution a couple of time making sure that it penetrates
into the fibers of the carpet and use a cloth to gently clean/scrub the
area getting it clean and at the same time it will neutralize the odor.
The last step is to apply the Weickert’s Pet Stain Remover on the carpet.
Spray the solution and use a clean towel to gently clean/scrub/ the
affected area and the area surrounding it. Keep in mind that the sooner
you clean the affected areas the better the results will be. Pet stains
are not easy to remove due to many factors such as age, sex, health, diet
and type of pet. For example the PH of cats is much higher than dogs and
female urine is higher than male.

When you consider the cost of carpeting and area rugs, it is wise to
purchase the cleaners and have them available for you when an accident
occurs. The world is stressful enough, we just want to enjoy our pets.

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